Choosing seed at Parr Field

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Today we went to Parr Field to look for the individuals corn plants that will serve as seed for next year.  The most important thing that we were looking for were the biggest, tallest, and most mature plants of the … Continued

Harvesting potatoes at Sol Feliz

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Here are some of the potatoes we harvested today:blues, golds, and reds.  We planted about 4  pounds of potatoes and yielded just over 12.  I guess this is pretty good given the lack of water this year.  I did finally … Continued

A bear visits Sol Feliz

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Since we live close to the mountains and to a river, we often get accounts of wildlife in the area, either firsthand or through neighborly accounts.  This morning we noticed this bear scat on our road, s/he was likely going … Continued

Finishing the horno

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Today we finished the horno.  The best part was figuring out how to make the chimney hole in the back and putting the last brick in the top.  It got challenging at the end because the bricks would slide in … Continued

Starting to build the horno

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Today we started building the actual horno!  First we made a big ‘X’ from corner to corner of the mesa, or base, of the horno to identify the middle.  Then we used two big nails and a length of string … Continued