Special thanks to Judi Cantu

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20140531-072412-26652591.jpgThe other day we were making some preparations at Parr Field and here comes Judi Cantu to talk shop through the fence on her way to Town Hall.  Judi Cantu was just elected to the Town of Taos City Council but I know of her from her interest and participation in acequia matters over the years.  Now that she is part of the Town Council, I guess she has some funds that can be given from her position as Councilor to local non-profits.  She gave me a form to fill out that would allow a direct deposit into AIRE’s bank account a couple of times of month to result in $1200/year.  This is a great boost to our programs, we can hire two student interns with this contribution.  I also came to learn that Judi is using her position to support another very important non-profit in town in the same manner:  the Taos County Economic Development Corporation or TCEDC.

Thank you for your support Judi!  We look forward to the collaboration with our gardening and acequia programs in the future!

  1. VirginiaAnnetteArellano

    Miguel and Judi, two of my best buddies collaborating to make Taos more sustainable for our youth! Thank you guys! Annette Arellano

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