Miguel Antonio Santistevan

Hello, my name is Miguel Antonio Santistevan.  This blog is a compilation of many activities I am involved in around the conservation of traditional agriculture and a relationship with land, water, and culture. I have degrees and certifications in Biology, Ecology, and other agricultural-related disciplines and have been farming for 18 years.  I currently reside in Taos and have been farming several plots of land in a variety of native crops, or landraces, from our local acequia, or communally managed irrigation ditch.

Pages (categories) in this site include our 'Sol Feliz Farm' which is irrigated from the Acequia Madre del Sur del Rio de Don Fernando de Taos.  Here we have farming for the conservation of local seed in the context of acequia agriculture, the practice of Native American dryland agriculture techniques, and Permaculture.  There is also the 'AIRE' page, which summarizes the activities of our non-profit organization we are developing to support activities around agriculture implementation, research, and education.  The 'Grow Dome' page has the activities that take place within a geodesic Grow Dome that was donated by Rocky Mountain Youth Corp (youthcorps.org) that is for year-round agriculture education at Chrysalis High School.  The 'Parr Field' page shows activities around a garden project at the local elementary school that is orchestrated by the aforementioned AIRE and Tierra Lucero (tierralucero.org), another non-profit organization known for their work around (what I would call "nuts and bolts") food security and energy.  Many people know my work around acequia systems in northern New Mexico and so our 'Acequia Culture' page shows various activities in the area around the maintenance and conservation of acequias.  The 'Phenology' page takes note of when plants in the area are flowering.  This is of interest and importance to compare flowering times with climate dynamics from year to year.

Hopefully you find this site interesting and informative, please leave us comments and let us know how we're doing!