Irrigating from our Acequia Madre

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This is likely our last irrigation from the Acequia Madre.  We brought the water down starting at noon and it did not get to the field until about 4 PM.  The water level is so low that it will likely not make it to the field if we try again.  So now this milpa will be put to the test to see which plants in the bunch are the strongest.  We are confident that no matter how hot and dry it gets, we will be able to get some seed from this milpa.  This confidence is based on knowing that this seed stock is strong and adaptable as will as knowing that we are bound to get rain in just the right amounts at just the right time…

The secret to survival of this milpa will be to cultivate the soil around our plants and pile up the soil around their bases, or “escardando y arimando la tierra” as it is expressed in local Spanish language.

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