UNM Taos Puente program visit


This morning we received a visit from the UNM Taos Puente Program to Sol Feliz.  Some of these Ecology students were able to learn about agriculture from me for the last four days since I was a substitute teacher for their class.  We learned about topics in water and acequias, seed and food traditions, and permaculture.  That was only for 8 students in the Ecology class, but today we were visited by all 27 students and the facilitators of the program.

We met at Sol Feliz Farm and we learned about sustainable agriculture from the Sol Feliz and AIRE perspective: focusing on the optimal management and relationship with soil, seeds, and water.  Then we went to Chrysalis High School to check out the Grow Dome.  And then we proceeded to Parr Field to check out the milpa, the raised beds, and the mobile greenhouse system.  We were lucky to find Bob of Tierra Lucero doing some soil prep and planting so he was able to give us a presentation about how his efforts tie into the larger sustainable agriculture and farm-to-school-type of initiatives.  You can check out more about Bob and Tierra Lucero at tierralucero.org

I was happy to see that the corn we planted on June 11 is coming out now.

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      Wouldn’t you know the first post on our new website would be about brotherly love! I love you too bro!!!! Everybody check out http://www.highmayhem.org to see what my brother Carlos has going on with experimental arts and music. We farm to grow food so artists can be artists and enrich our lives with artistic expression! And farmers are artists too, don’t forget!

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