Construction of center bed and trellis in the Grow Dome

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Today we finally got to finishing up some important projects in the Grow Dome.  For one, we built trellises and want to encourage our gourd and squash plants to grow up instead of out and about.  We will build little hammocks out of old shirts or panty hose to hold the fruits once they start to grow. This trellis is a nice addition that adds some surface area to the upper story of the dome and throws some artistic flavor throughout.  We built it with four latillas (aspen poles) going up, and will be putting jaras (willow branches) across.

We also cleaned up the outer bed of dead plants, thinned out some leaves on plants that were going to seed, and started harvesting seed on our bok choi.  We will use our seed for replanting, for sprouting in our kitchen, and will probably sell some seed as a fundraiser.

We also used up all of our remaining lumber to construct the second center bed, shown above.  We are still trying to figure out our soil situation so we are still looking into possible sources of soil for this second bed.  We do want to augment our soil with sand so that we can have good drainage to grow crops like watermelon and chile.  We also want to put some sort of tree in the dome, probably a fruit tree that requires a longer season than we have outside the Dome…


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