Harvesting and drying pears!

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Yesterday we harvested apricots and dried them and we were going to do so again today until I mentioned that there were some pears offered to us down the street from Sol Feliz by our neighbor Anna.  So our Sembradores crew of Cody, Chris, and Kiko decided they wanted to try that out instead and went to work harvesting the tree.



So we harvested about 7 gallons of pears, only to use about 2 gallons in our 9 drying racks.  These were a little challenging in that they were small and we weren’t sure how important it is to core the pears and take out the seeds and if we needed to peel them.  So we did take the time to take out most of the cores and seeds, but didn’t peel them, thinking that the peels will probably dry just fine and provide a good source of vitamins and fiber.  But after we see how this batch comes out, we might adjust our methods for the next one(s)!

It is important to note the importance of pruning the trees for quality fruit.  These last two exercises in fruit harvest found us with so much fruit, but it is mostly small in that the trees haven’t been pruned in years and years!  So maybe we can help our neighbors prune their trees next spring knowing that they are generous with their fruit!  So thank you Fred Martinez and Anna Quintana, we’ll be sure to share some of our dried goods with you as they come!


As Santos the alpaca knows, these pears are GOOOOOD!

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