Hoeing weeds at Sol Feliz

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Here we are in our milpa that is now a dryland system.  No irrigation for over a month and less than an inch of rain.  Nevertheless, the corn and beans look pretty good, though some rain will really help!  So today we come to give the milpa some love and attention by hoeing weeds, escardando, and bringing soil to the bases of our plants, or arimando la tierra.  This process reinvigorates the soil with oxygen and cut up pieces of green weeds that get buried in the process and feed the soil with plant matter and moisture that is embodied in the weeds.

Anybody who says the youth don’t know how nor like to work need to come and see our crew!  They are still learning the technique but are not lacking the physical ability or enthusiasm, the only difference is that where other people complain about the youth, we create opportunities for their experience…

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