Baby chickens starting to lay eggs?

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This is the second miniature egg I come across in the nesting boxes.  I think my youngest chickens are coming of age.  These last baby eggs aren’t likely from the Aracaunas since they aren’t bluish, so they must be coming from the Barred Rocks or the Orpingtons.

To review the timing of all this, I brought the baby chicks home on May 5.  I then took them out to the chicken coop to mingle with the others around the second week of June.  By then they were smelling up my house really bad, despite changing their papers twice a day.  When I first put them in the coop, I partitioned them off in a corner so that the other chickens could get used to them while not hurting them.  Finally after about a week I let them all mingle together.

It is now the end of July and I am starting to get eggs.  This represents the investment and the lag time given in actualizing benefits as a person efforts to nurture life and sustainability.  All things in agriculture are this way, in addition to having an element of chance.  As these chickens mature, I will likely gain hundreds of eggs along with pounds and pounds of great soil from chicken manure and their inherent scratching to till it in.  This represents the opportunity to create abundance given the initial investment and dedication in nurturing life and sustainability…

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