Taking care of our Milpa

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Here we are taking care of Sol Feliz’ newest field.  Thanks to Chris Duran, left, and Kiko Pacheco, right.  This milpa is doing better than all the other ones, I am thinking it is because this soil hasn’t been worked in so many years that it is of the highest quality.  The corn is tallest, greenest, and more consistent in its growth than our other two milpas.  We also have some nice calabasas forming and the beans are holding strong too. All this with no irrigation in over 6 weeks.

Our activities here today consisted of taking out the nuisance weeds (not all “weeds” are a nuisance), piling up soil around our plants (arrimando la tierra), and bringing water to our calabasa plants.  We made sure the wells around the calabasa plants were well formed and brought them water from 5 gallon buckets.  Then we mulched the wells with straw to help keep the moisture in by shading the soil and preventing as much evaporation.

I am really looking forward to this harvest, this is a new variety of maiz to Sol Feliz which is a white corn of the original, native “concho” variety.

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