A bear visits Sol Feliz

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Since we live close to the mountains and to a river, we often get accounts of wildlife in the area, either firsthand or through neighborly accounts.  This morning we noticed this bear scat on our road, s/he was likely going after the crab apples nearby, though luckily we didn’t sustain any damage to the trees.

The hardest part of practicing agriculture in the context of drought is that other forms of wildlife are also suffering and will see our crops as a means of survival.  Whether it be birds, elk, bears, prairie dogs, or other rodents; we have to be one step ahead of the creatures of Earth if we want to sustain some yields for ourselves.  Luckily we haven’t had too many losses at Sol Feliz from wildlife this year, though reports from last year were grim and reports from other areas this year are also full of challenges.  This year we are actually sustaining losses from the drought itself as opposed to wildlife, meaning there is not too much left for us except for seed, hopefully the animals will leave most of that for us…

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