Apple processing workshop I


Today we organized a massive school-wide apple-processing event to commemorate our potential to actualize food security given local abundance and generosity from our local apple trees and their owners.  Orion Cervio, head teacher at Chrysalis, was able to get boxes and boxes of apples from a local source using the enthusiasm of the Chrysalis students who want to make the trip to Washington DC this coming April.  Many boxes of apples were harvested that will take at least two days to process in our certified kitchen.


Today we focused on peeling, coring, and cutting up the apples for freezing.  That way we can make apple pies later.  We are also dehydrating apples and are going to make applesauce next week.  We did make a few apple pies to reward us for our efforts so we were able to freeze a few pies while cooking a couple that we ate in the afternoon with ice cream!


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