Apple processing workshop II


Today we gathered again to work the rest of the apples.  We reserved the applesauce-making process after the freezing and dehydration workshop as the apples do not have to be as fresh to make applesauce.


We have already made about 3 gallons of dried apples and are continuing to peel and slice apples for the dehydrator while others of us are coring, cutting, and peeling apples so we can cook them in a big pot, run them through a food mill or mash them up, and preserve them in jars through the canning process…



We also are making a batch of apple butter with Dorothy Romero while our applesauce-making expert, Margaret Garcia, helped us can 14 quart jars full of applesauce.  We will eat some of these over the course of the school year, but will offer them for sale at approximately $15 quart for our fundraising purposes.



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