Planting garlic with Chrysalis students


We have been working with our garlic in our math class at Chrysalis, looking at the sizes of the bulbs in the population.  We harvested almost 100 bulbs of garlic from our two rows last year and this year are expanding our production by leasing some land next to the school and putting in three rows of garlic.  Most of our garlic was found to be about 1.25 – 1.5 inches in diameter.  We are paying attention to how big the garlic is to determine if the size of the bulb that the planted clove comes from determines how big the resulting bulb is.  Or in other words, does planting bigger cloves result in bigger bulbs?

We will be expanding our garlic production to provide more opportunities for fundraising and entrepreneurship amongst our youth team by hopefully selling bundles around October 2013…

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