Getting ready to make pumpkin pies


Today we engaged in a workshop to make pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving feast.  Though we did not grow wheat, we were able to obtain some regionally grown wheat and use our grinder to make it into flour.  We had a contest to see which student could grind a cup of wheat fastest.  It took about 2 minutes on average to grind a cup of wheat.  Here you can see one of the female champions, Desirae Gonzales, showing how it is done…  The wheat flour will be used to show the students how to make a homemade crust for the pumpkin pies.


Here we are processing the calabasas (squashe) that we grew at Parr field to make them into pumpkin pies.  We are sure to save the seeds as these can also be used as food or more importantly to plant in the coming seasons.  We scrape out all the pulp associated with the seeds and then boil or bake the calabasa halves to then scoop out the meat of the squash and make it into the pie filling.  It is then put in the pie crust and baked for a period of time.

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