The night before the Feast

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Here is Miranda Romero rolling out some dough for our apple and pumpkin pies.  The apples were locally harvested and we grew the pumpkins.  We are excited to have our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow that will consist of many locally grown foods.


IMG_1215After school it was time to fire up the horno again to make our turkeys.  The horno will have to burn for several hours to get hot, using some more apricot wood…  This is a great time for us to be sociable and enjoy each others’ company…



Meanwhile in the kitchen we have to get the turkeys ready for cooking.  We wrap them in aluminum foil but not until we smother them with butter and spices.  After they are wrapped in foil we put them in a burlap bag that will be wet before we put the whole unit in the horno.  Tonight we will be cooking 5 turkeys to make the most of our efforts.  Four of these turkeys are for us and the other one we are cooking for the Waldorf school so they can also have an horno roasted turkey for their Thanksgiving celebration.


As we are preparing in the kitchen, we have some students tend to the fire by feeding it more wood.  Here you see, left to right, Angelo Chavez, Rory Santistevan, and David Branchal.  Finally it was time:  the turkeys were ready, the horno was hot, and mud was mixed to cover the door and chimney hole.  So after this last picture, we drown the fire to make steam, placed the turkeys in the horno, and got to work to cover the door and chimney hole with mud.  This is muddy and sometimes cold work, but we have a bucket of warm water to keep our hands warm as we smooth out the mud and finally it is all done.  Tomorrow morning we will open the horno and have a Thanksgiving feast!



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