Breaking ground on a chicken coop


Here we are breaking ground to put in some corner posts for a new chicken coop.  We are going to attach the chicken house onto an existing shed on the right and make a sizeable yard for the chickens to roam.  We will use cedar posts for the corners of the chicken house and perhaps T-posts for the fence around the yard.  We are digging a trench around the entire structure to bury some wire that will hopefully deter digging animals that would see our chickens as a meal.  We are going to start with 5 chickens that are now dwelling at Sol Feliz.  We will either find a rooster somewhere or borrow the rooster from Sol Feliz until we get a chicken to go ‘culeca’ or brood so we can hatch some chicks and let the mom raise them.  We are planning on eventually having about 30 chickens.  Once we get this project up and running, we will be building a turkey coop on the other side of the shed with the idea of raising about 5 turkeys.

Having a chicken coop will give us all kinds of opportunities to learn about life: raising birds, the ecology of a chicken/egg operation, food security, and small livestock economics.

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