Getting some seed ready

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IMG_1308Today we cleaned and weighed out some sweet corn seed that we grew at Parr Field this last season.  We weighed out about 7 grams of seed which is more or less 50 seeds.  We later did a germination test and have these seeds at 91% viability.  I think it would be more but there wasn’t enough air circulation and we got some mold.  We are going to sell about 30 seed packets for fundraising and the rest we are going to give away to elementary students in hopes that they will do some planting.  Of course we got enough seed for us to plant in the coming seasons as well.  Below you can see our custom seed packets, every one is different!  So maybe we will see you at bake sales or seed exchanges this spring and you can buy a seed packet and support our programs.  Or else contact us and we will save you one!


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