Moving chokecherries at Sol Feliz

IMG_1781Today we got a visit from Jesyka Ortega, a senior at Chrysalis Alternative School, and her niece Alexis to help with moving some small chokecherry trees.  Alexis is a student at Enos Garcia Elementary school and remembers planting Parr Field last year…  When I told her we were going to give her some seeds and plant the field again this year, I got a big, big smile!

These chokecherry trees, or “capulin,” keep growing in places that we usually like to row crop.  This is a nice problem to have in that chokecherry trees can be easily transplanted.  We dug some holes and filled them up with water.  Then we dug up the small trees and moved them to their new location.  Finally, we watered all the trees and blackberry bushes we had moved with the Santa Cruz group, hoping they will all get established and wake up with the coming of Spring…

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