Planting maize and beans at Sol Feliz

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Massive day of activity today!  First all the compost was tilled in and the rows were made for our maize and beans.IMG_2464

Here you can see David using the tiller to break up the soil.  We put a ‘hiller-furrower’ attachment on the back of the tiller to make the rows after the soil is tilled.IMG_2465

Here you see Greg and David planting the beans.  With two people focused on the job and hand, the rows can be planted relatively quickly..IMG_2469And the icing on the cake!  Irrigating the rows after they were made and planted.  Unfortunately this land preparation didn’t take place until today so we were not really able to run water on this section consistently until now.  It would have been nice to flood this soil periodically since the acequia opened to boost soil moisture and biology.  We did flood this field once last week to get it more ready for tilling.  Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief and completion as all the crops are in the ground!

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