The Grow Dome is jamming


Its been awhile since we reported on the progress of the Grow Dome, though we are here almost every day…  We have too many things growing to list, though we are going all out on tomatoes, jalapeños, melons, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, and chia, to name a few.  We have a couple of buckets hanging with upside down tomatoes.  The best part of taking care of the Grow Dome is anticipating the reaction of the students when they see it next or especially when they come back to school.  By that time, we should be ready to harvest for fresh eating and the making of salsa!


We have done a couple of posts on our water tank, shown here in all its diversity of floating aquatic plants.  The water quality has improved dramatically since we incorporated the plants and we are gearing up to introduce about 15 perch or bluegill fish to the mix.  We also have plans for a hydroponic system using the water from the tank.  This Grow Dome is a like a living, evolving art installation that is only bound by the physical space and our imaginations!

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