Harvesting garlic at Sol Feliz

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20130707-083043.jpgToday was the day for garlic harvest…  Today was determined by the status of the scapes, still closed with the seeds beginning to form underneath the skin.  We harvested the garlic and placed them in bundles of 25 as seen below.  Now we have to let them cure, or “curar,” for several weeks to really be mature.  If we were to eat them right now, the skin is still moist and doesn’t peel nicely from the garlic clove inside.  As time goes on, the skin will harden and become more defined…


This garlic is the parent strain to the garlic we provided to Chrysalis Alternative School for planting in their Mondragon Field.  It is interesting to see how much bigger our Sol Feliz garlic is, presumably due to enhanced soil quality, awareness of place, and increased irrigation water availability using the acequia system.

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