Harvest and food processing from Parr Field

Today was a big day in the season.  We harvested much produce from the garden today, mostly our purple snap beans.  We harvested about 10 pounds of “green beans” that will be lunch for our Chrysalis students, especially for our Thanksgiving Feast!   We then froze them for later use. P1090167

Margaret Garcia, left, and Miranda Romero, right, show some of the harvest.  Margaret is our agriculture and food processing resident expert and has shown our students how to preserve green beans, make pumpkin pies from our own calabasas, make applesauce, cook turkeys in the horno, and process wild plants into home remedies or remedios.


Micah Roseberry is our Parr Field Garden Co-Coordinator and shows some of our heirloom tomatoes.  We have all the ingredients growing between our three fields to make homemade (school made) salsa which will be happening shortly…


These “green” beans are actually purple but turn green when we blanched them!  They were boiled for about 3 minutes, placed in an ice bath to interrupt the cooking process, and then strained of excess moisture and frozen for later use. P1090201

Miranda Romero was instrumental in making these harvest and food processing activities happen.  She has participated in every step of making this garden happen, from field preparations to planting to harvest and food processing…

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