RMSEL visits Sol Feliz and Chrysalis


Yesterday afternoon rolls up two small school buses filled with 22 students and three staff of the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning out of Denver, Colorado.  This is the second time RMSEL visits Sol Feliz and camps out.  AIRE hosted this group and gave a presentation on the history of New Mexico and the greater region.  We had a chance to eat together and tell stories around a campfire.  This morning RMSEL visited Chrysalis to see what we are up to with our art pieces, horno, fields, grow dome, raised beds, and other aspects of our agricultural education program like our burgeoning goat husbandry program and seed library.  A highlight of the visit was allowing the Chrysalis students to guide two RMSEL students around the school, giving our students a chance to articulate what they have been doing and learning while reinforcing social skills that will help them in the future.  Hopefully we make a tradition of the RMSEL visit and the Chrysalis-RMSEL exchange!20131107-161117.jpg

The RMSEL program, with their expeditionary component with transportation and gear, gave us many ideas of how to augment and advance our educational programs a Chrysalis.20131107-161137.jpg

Sunrise at Sol Feliz is first seen on Taos Mountain to the North.  AIRE’s relationship with Sol Feliz Farm creates opportunities for groups to camp out on the land and experience hands-on agriculture while learning about acequia culture, permaculture, traditional agriculture, seed saving, food traditions and other sustainability-related topics depending on the interests of the participants.20131107-161157.jpgThe campfire is great place to visit, tell stories, and keep warm during overnight stays at Sol Feliz Farm.

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