Making pie dough for pumpkin pies

20131120-102537.jpgToday Margaret Garcia shows us how to make pie crust for our pumpkin pies.  We already roasted and steamed our calabasas (squash) and froze them in previous workshops.  Now we are getting the crusts ready.  This recipe is not only good for pies but also for things like quiche and pot pies.  There is only four ingredients: wheat flour, butter, water, and salt.

20131120-102711.jpgOne of the tricks we learned today is that all the ingredients need to be cold for the best crust.  This is to stop the gluten in the mix from becoming activated.  This also creates a flakier crust.  So the flour is room temperature or chilled, the butter is definitely cold, and ice water is mixed in tablespoon by tablespoon to make sure the right consistency is attained.

IMG_3909The dough is mixed slowly and gently to the right consistency.  It is important to not put too much water.

IMG_3911A ball of dough can then be pressed into wax paper as seen above and then refrigerated for later use.

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