More Thanksgiving Feast preparations


Today we take the roasted squash from our last workshop and make it into pie filling.  In addition to the squash, we used eggs, condensed milk, sugar, and “Pumpkin Pie” spice.  The ingredients are put in the mixer and the resulting batch is placed in the pie crust and baked in the oven.20131126-065029.jpg

We spent a considerable amount of time peeling potatoes, we figured we needed about 20 pounds of potatoes to make mashed potatoes for everyone.  These potatoes were grown behind the school in our “Mondragon Field.”  We grew 4 kinds of potatoes but only used these yellow and white ones as the red and the purple ones would not necessarily cook the same.20131126-065051.jpgA highlight of our meal was using our own chile that was grown at Parr field.  We basically just put the chile pods in water and blend them really good and boil them on the stove.  It is a northern New Mexico tradition to eat our mashed potatoes with red chile rather than gravy so it is great that 100% of this part of our Thanksgiving meal was homegrown (school-grown that is).



We made many pie crusts, not only for our pumpkin pies but also to make some apple pies.

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