Thanksgiving Feast at Chrysalis

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20131127-103409.jpgAnd this is the day it all came together!  In the above an following pictures you can feast your eyes on the delectable lunch that was the culmination of this year’s growing season.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we have gratitude for the bounty of the Earth that has been provided for us by our participation.  We figured the plate above came from at least 40%, if not half, of products that we grew ourselves.  The four photos below are representations of this estimation.  Unfortunately we are missing some items from this photo shoot like our pumpkin and apple pies, also made from locally grown and harvested squash and apples.

The first picture below shows our green bean casserole from the green beans we grew at Parr Field and blanched/froze until now.  The next picture showing our red chile is a particular source of pride in that the flavor was exceptional.  We are excited about developing and expanding our chile production over the coming years.  This chile is known as Chimayo Chile and was originally from the late Mercedes Trujillo.  The next picture is mashed potatoes from potatoes we grew at our Mondragon Field, almost 60 pounds!  We are thankful to Micah Roseberry and Cerro Vista Farms for providing these seed potatoes early in the growing season.  And last but not least is a photo of a leg of deer that was harvested from the local mountains by our very own Jesus Gonzales.  The leg was prepared by one of our Head Teachers, Carlos Garcia, who also works at El Meze and has extensive culinary knowledge.

This is our second year supporting an all-school Thanksgiving Feast, we are looking forward to expanding our production for the 2014 growing season and hoping to make this an annual tradition that gets better and better in the years to come!





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