The last of the squash

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20131219-144236.jpgAfter our pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll activities, we stayed with approximately 200 pounds of our initial 400+ pounds of calabasa squash harvested this year.  We were able to forge an arrangement with the local Farmhouse Cafe, located on the north end of Taos, where they purchased the remaining squash from AIRE for almost $1.00 per pound.  We usually sell for $3.00 per pound, but the arrangement with the Farmhouse Cafe is that they are going to return the majority of the seed in these squash back to AIRE.  We will then have these seeds to gift to the students at the beginning of the coming season.  Hopefully the students and their families will plant a garden with the seeds we provide, take a photo of the garden and the student, and submit the photo for our 2014 Youth-in-Agriculture Photo Contest.  It is a good feeling knowing that we grew so many pounds of squash, were able to use them for education and local food, while being able to recoup the seed for future years’ plantings…

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