More garden soil preparations at Parr Field

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20140518-183403.jpgGarden soil preparations are easy, they just take time and effort.  I would call it art more than I would call it work.  We come upon the field as an unruly, unkempt piece of land and begin the process of clearing the canvas to create an artistic masterpiece.  The steps are straightforward:

1.  Cut or dig out most of the weeds and grass and rake them out of the field (you can use these dead weeds and grass for compost).

2.  Amend your soil area with compost.  We put piles in intervals and then spread them out as even as possible on the land.

3.  Till the land with a tiller, a shovel, or hoe.

4.  Make rows.

Today we were able to finish spreading the compost and tilling the main part of our milpa.  We will have to do the rest later as we only were able to put in a few hours this morning…


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