First presentation of the growing season

InTheGrowDomeAn exciting part of the summer is hosting groups from all over to learn about what we do and how we look at the history, status, and future of our place on Earth from a northern New Mexico perspective.   Today we received a visit from a Multicultural Art Therapy class at Southwestern College.  This is about the third or fourth year this class comes around and we like building relationships with programs that can return year after year.  This is a chance to make new friends and get the word out on our services and programs so that other groups can come in the future.  Ultimately we strive to contribute to the overall goals of sustainability and peace on Earth by inspiring ideas and hope for the future.  The best way, we think, of doing this is by building community through intimate relationships around this common interest…

This class had participants from many States and even Canada!  It is great that we can share some local history and perspective to visitors or people who might intend to make this area their home.  We started in our outdoor classroom at Sol Feliz Farm and talked about belonging to a place, different perspectives with how a person can view themselves in Nature and with life, and talked about some ideas in Permaculture and traditional agriculture.  Then we took a walk to Chrysalis Alternative School to experience the art in the halls, the horno and the goats out back, and the many projects going in the Grow Dome.  It was a wonderful day with many smiles and much enthusiasm and I am sure we will be hearing from several of the participants and the program again!  Special thanks to Natalie Carlton for setting this up and thanks to Hanna Rapp for providing the photo for this blog post!

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