Shade cloth installation in Grow Dome and Transplanting tomatoes



20140609-122045-44445340.jpgWe feel fortunate to have received this Grow Dome from Rocky Mountain Youth Corp back in late Fall 2011 and have been learning so much about indoor growing since then.  One of the things we learned last year was the importance of keeping, or trying to keep, the Dome cool in the hottest months of the summer.  We would often see temperatures over 100 degrees F, and sometimes over 110.  Last year we utilized a box-type fan to create circulation and try and cool the inside temperature down.

We later learned that Growing Spaces, the maker of our Grow Dome, sells shade cloths for the purpose of reflecting some light and heat out of the Dome.  We purchased a shade cloth for the inside of the Dome and installed it as seen above.  Growing Spaces also sells a shade cloth for the outside of the Dome, but recommended the inside one due to the prevalence of wind in our area.

We instantly noticed a difference inside the Dome after the installation of the shade cloth.  Everytime we go into the Dome it is noticed that it has not been as hot inside as before.  It seems like our plants are thriving as well, though that might just be a function of overall establishment rather than adjustment to cooler temperatures inside the Dome.  Either way, we feel like the Dome is an ongoing learning experience that is getting fine tuned, week by week, season by season…

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