Composting at Sol Feliz

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20140703-081714-29834512.jpgToday we gathered at Sol Feliz to get started on our composting process for this season.  First we cut down all the alfalfa and other biomass in the South field of Sol Feliz.  We have been irrigating this field and allowing it to grow and flower for the purpose of cutting it down, gathering it up and composting it.  The picture below shows what the field looked like before we started and the picture above shows it all mowed and us starting to gather it up.

20140703-081758-29878527.jpgWe started the process of composting by layering the biomass with layers of chicken manure and sawdust (see the next post).  It looks like we have plenty of biomass to combine with our available chicken manure/sawdust mixture but we were only able to make a dent in the process today and will have to leave the field with a small compost pile and several big piles of alfalfa biomass.  We will revisit and complete the process later…20140703-081758-29878919.jpg

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