Eating and dehydrating horno-roasted chicos

P1110252Opening the horno is like opening a present at Christmas, except you know what it is.  The smell is the best: delicate cedar smoke enfused with the smell of sweet corn and earth.IMG_7237This corn is the second generation of an experimental crossing of a native yellow and a native white sweet corn.  It will take some years of choosing the traits we like to move the genetics toward something unique based on our selection.IMG_7259Its great to get together and string up the chicos.  We use a needle made of hangar wire to stab the stem of the corn and thread through a piece of twine.  This year everyone made a string of about 8 cobs that they were able to take with them.  We still ended up with an abundant supply of chicos for dehydration under the porch where they will be completely dried in about a month.IMG_7277

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