Composting at Sol Feliz Farm. Part IV.

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IMG_7504.JPGToday we complete the compost pile that has been many weeks in the making.  Today we topped it off with a truckload of sheep/goat manure from a nearby source.  We layered the manure with cut alfalfa and wet each layer.  This is the last episode of building this pile for this year.  We will let it over-winter and tear it apart in the spring and then put it back together for another round of decomposition.  The thermometer below shows that our pile is a little carbon rich and not achieving the higher temperatures it would if it had proportionally more nitrogen (manure).  This is a good sized pile of compost, we hope to employ a front-end loader on a tractor to mix it or else we will do it with a shovel.  It will likely be ready for application by our main planting time next May…


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