Maize harvest at Sol Feliz Farm

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IMG_7705.JPGToday we bring in the maize from the field.  We have six rows that are about 80 feet long.  We have never planted this variety in Taos before, the last time it was grown was in the north valley of Albuquerque, NM about two years ago.  Some of the ears of corn are really big and some have incredible colors as seen a couple of these photos.  We will be saving some of the ears that exhibit red to black kernels in hopes of establishing this variety at the farm.

IMG_7681.JPGMany, if not most, of the ears of corn are mostly white with some red and blue colorations.  Many look orange but are actually red with yellow streaks in the kernels as seen below.

IMG_7710.JPGWe save the prettiest and biggest ears of corn for decorations in the house.  We might pull some seeds from these in the future but most likely they will remain as decorations.  Many of these ears have straight rows, full pollination, and no insect damage.

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