Northern Youth Project visits Sol Feliz Farm

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Today we received a visit from some incredible young people from the Abiquiu area that are part of a program called the Northern Youth Project.  With ages ranging from 5 to 14, these young people have been spending the summer learning about gardening, art, and community involvement.  I have heard of this program for several years from a friend Marcela Casaus and it was a pleasure to host them at Sol Feliz Farm.  Marcela has a great agricultural practice, comes from a programs at UC Santa Cruz and with Paul Stamets ( and actually helped me facilitate one of the first workshops at Sol Feliz more than 10 years ago!  More information on their program can be found at:

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Our presentation focused on the lay of the land in relation to the acequia and the crops in the field.  We learned about white corn food traditions, garlic, and how to dry process beans for food and seed.  Margaret Garcia, pictured above, showed the uses of over a dozen wild plants that can be harvested for food and medicine.  At the end of our visit, we sent the students with a handful green bean seeds that we cleaned, a bulb of garlic each to plant, and a potted plant of cota, a native plant used for tea, natural dye, and as a host to beneficial pollinators.

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