Checking out Parr Field

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While we were planting garlic, it dawned on us that we still had some hoses, tools, and crops out at Parr Field.  So here we are tidying up the field and getting the last of our crops.  As we plan for the upcoming season, we decided to complete the half-constructed greenhouse and donate it to some other agriculture-in-school type of program.  We are going to eliminate the walkway on the side of the small greenhouse and create two or three more rows for our milpa production.20140123-104033.jpgWe were able to do a final sweep through the raised bed and greenhouse area.  We harvested a substantial amount of wheat from the raised bed and were able to bring in a bunch more chile and tomato fruits for seed.  The tomatoes were frozen and rotten but we got them anyway because it is more than likely that we can still wet process the tomatoes for seed and get more tomato seeds for the students and fundraising.

We pretty much cleared the entire field of the dead plants and raked them into a pile for future composting.  All we have to do now is move the drip lines and wait for it to warm up so we can start moving in compost, tilling the soil, and making rows.  Here we go for another growing season at Parr Field!

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